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How To Stimulate Your Facial Hair Growth

images (3)Historically, thick, full facial hair has been a symbol of masculinity, power and ruggedness in some cultures across the world. Growing a full beard or just a mustache will require perseverance and patience. This is because the rate at which your hair becomes thick and grows depends largely on testosterone levels and genetics. Even though natures dictate how your hair grows, you can take certain steps to help it grow faster and better. Here are some tips to help you stimulate facial hair growth.
1. Always clean your face and apply the right moisturizer

It’s very important to keep your face clean when growing your beard. Dirt, Greece and other foreign materials on your face can hinder your facial hair from growing as thickly or quickly as you would like. After washing and drying your face, gently apply an oil-free moisturizer. The work of a moisturizer is to keep your skin healthy while stimulating hair growth.
2. Massage your face to stimulate hair follicles

Facial massage is very important for promoting hair growth. In fact, stimulating your hair follicles can greatly help increase your facial hair growth. In circular motions, rub your face a few times per day to stimulate and promote your facial hair follicles. You can combine your facial massage with your regular hygiene regimen. Just rub a good cleanser into your face using a gentle circular motion and allow the cream sit for some minutes to thoroughly penetrate your skin. You can wash your face with clean water and dry it.
3. Eat the right diet

A good dietary will include all the essential nutrients needed in the body. When it comes to stimulating facial hair growth, the right amount of protein and dietary fats, such as lean meats, beans, milk and eggs can really bolster your beard growth. Additionally, foods that contain vitamin B12, A, C, and E, such as broccoli, fish, citrus, walnuts and carrots also support facial hair health and growth.
4. Physical health

Exercises also help increase the overall health of your body and can therefore help grow beards or facial hair faster for several reasons. Exercises help remove toxins from your body, reduce stress and more importantly increase your overall health.
Conclusively, these tips can help stimulate your facial hair and it’s therefore important to keep them in mind, especially if you are looking to grow facial hair or beard.