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How To Promote Facial Hair Growth In Three Steps.

FHGFrom research and feasibility study, it is important to know that people often experience different hair growth rates. You can find some men acquiring a full beard growth within a couple of weeks while others may achieve the same result in several months, if not years. Are you searching for hints to improve your facial hair growth? Is your quest for unique tips to promote facial hair growth? Reading through the enumerated steps below will help you greatly on how to promote facial hair growth.

Consume Protein:

Studies have shown that hair growth is basically cascaded on protein. Nevertheless, increasing your protein consumption will help to promote quick hair growth. If you are suffering from protein deficiency, there is every possibility to experience stunted hair growth or thinning hair.


Garner your diet with protein foods such as nuts, meat, beans, dairy and soy products.
Take Lots Of Vitamin Supplements:

There is every possibility to get nutrients from fresh food. The truth is that supplements can as well help to promote facial hair growth. Vitamin supplements are made from the mixture of several constituents of minerals and fresh food.

Ensure to opt for a multivitamin containing the right nutrients to grow facial hair.

Eat food containing vitamin B3, A, E and B6.
Massage Your Face:
You can rub your face in a circular motion for about two minutes. On a daily basis, you can carry out this exercise multiple times. The idea of massaging your face daily will help to increase circulation. This will help blood and nutrients to get into your facial hair follicles easily. Hair growth rates will improve when the follicles on your face get better.

Clean your face with water and a dry cloth before carrying out the massage process.

Ensure to massage your face for about five minutes on a daily basis. This can be done repeatedly per day.