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Facial Hair Growth Cream For Faster Growth of Beard And Mustache

Many men find it difficult to grow a substantial amount of facial hair. Some are lucky that it only takes few days to grow hair but others can take a lot more time for their facial hair to grow. Every man wants to have a thick beard and a beautiful mustache. The amount of facial hair you grow is influenced majorly by genetics. Other factors include hormones, nutrition, injuries and certain medications. On way or the other, you cannot fight your genes or nature but you can accelerate your facial hair growth using facial hair growth cream.

A Facial hair growth cream comprises of many ingredients (mostly herbal) making them chemical free with no preservatives. This translates to zero side effects to your skin. The formula used in these creams is intended to boost the cells responsible for facial hair growth. They have vitamin complex that helps grow hair and make it much stronger.

To apply the facial hair growth, first, you should wash and clean the face especially where you want to grow hair. Many of the available creams requires you to apply it by simply and smoothly massaging a bit of it over the part you want to grow hair until all the cream is completely absorbed into the skin. For good results, it is recommended to apply the cream twice a day. Using the cream as recommended on the package yields results within three weeks of application.

Many companies have hit the market with the aim of solving the problem of thinner facial hair. This has led to the release of different products in the market. Some of which give good results while others don’t. Therefore, it is vital to do thorough research on the various facial creams available in the market. Some of the best known facial hair growth creams are Green Magic hair growth cream, Black Phom Thong facial hair cream and Kismera regenerating cream. Ensure you know the exact cause of your problem before purchasing any product.