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Enhancing Facial Hair Growth-Facial Hair Growth Creams That Work

There are many men who really desire a beard or would like to have a fuller beard. The growth of facial hair is greatly influenced by genetics but there are methods to work around this. To cater for this need, a number of companies have tried to formulate products that enhance facial hair growth. Some of these have worked well for some people while others have failed. Facial hair growth creams are intended to work by stimulating the cells responsible for facial hair growth. Of all the many creams in the market, three products have stood out in terms of effectiveness.

Mustache Growing Cream

Mustache hair growth cream is meant to cater for those with a beard but cannot grow hair above their lips. The cream can also stimulate growth of a beard and chest hair. The makers of the cream say applying it in any area of the body two times a day can boost hair growth. After three weeks usage light hair is visible on the body. It is important to leave the cream on the body and not rub it off after application.

Kismera Regenerating Cream for Hair Growth

The Kismera regenerating cream is reputed to be one of the best facial growth enhancers in the market. It is formulated with a vitamin complex used for hair growth. This cream not only helps hair grow faster, it also makes it grow longer.

Green Magic Hair Growth Cream

The Green Magic cream aims to enhance the growth of all types of hair, the beard included. It has been proved to be one of the best in the market today, with outstanding results in only two weeks. It contains sulfur and is therefore unsuitable for people allergic to sulfur. This cream works especially well in boosting hair growth to cover any bald areas.