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Facial Hair Growth Cream

For over a million years Facial Hair has symbolized the masculinity of Men still many found it quite difficult to grow one. For some, it’s only a matter of weeks till their beard and moustache cover up most of their face while for others the process could take a much longer time. Hair Growth also depends upon the genes of person inherited from the family. But there are ways to counter this problem either by medicines or through natural treatment.


Many pharmaceutical companies have understood the need of men suffering from lack of facial hairs and introduced various products in the market to counter the problem. Some of them have worked and others haven’t. One of the popular products is mustache growing cream which should be applied above the upper lip twice a day to grow mustache. The product is also effective in other areas of the body such as cheeks and chest. Results are visible after three weeks.

Another product known to have positive results is Green Magic Hair Growth Cream. The cream is for persons having trouble growing their beard. This cream is to be applied on the affected area and within two weeks hair growth is visible.

Another product quite popular in the market is Kismera Regenerating Cream for Hair Growth. The product is well enriched with vitamins to boost facial hair growth and to make it stronger.

If using the above products fails to produce positive results a person can consult a dermatologist for surgery. Hair transplantation has become a normal process these days in which hair follicles from the back of your head will be transplanted on your cheeks. It could take up to a year for the hair to grow properly.

Natural Treatment

Vitamins are crucial to the hair growth of a person. Vitamin A, B, C and E helps in speeding up the hair growth. Men having problems with hair growth must start involving these vitamins in their diet. People having hair growth problem should change their sleeping schedule as irregular sleep or lack of sleep is amongst one of the reasons for irregular hair growth.

Another remedy is to keep your skin clear. Clear skin helps even the small hair strands to grow. It is advised to wash your face twice a day. Try to Exfoliate once in a week. Removal of dead skin cells could also boost hair growth. Moisturizers also allow the skin to grow hairs in a faster rate.

It is also found that many people who regularly smoke suffer from hair growth problems. The nicotine from the cigarette blocks the passage of nutrients in the body by decreasing the blood flow. A person who regularly smokes should try to quit it to increase the blood flow necessary for hair growth.

Meditation Yoga and exercising regularly is also known to have a positive effect on hair growth of a person. Hair growth will be faster when the body is relaxed.

It is advised to all the Men who suffer from such a problem to go with Natural remedies. It is also advised that before applying any of the above Medical products do consult a Dermatologist to avoid further side effects.