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How to Grow Facial Hair

images (4)Facial hair is a big deal for many men who consider a beard the hallmark of masculinity. No matter how fast you want yours to grow, remember that there are factors that influence the speed of facial hair growth. Genes, lifestyle choices, injuries, nutrition and hormone levels play a role in the development of beards. That said you can learn how to grow facial hair faster using methods that do not fight nature.

Hygiene is important to growth of hair and you need to pay lots of attention to your beard. Hair should be kept clean because dead skin, oil and dirt prevent follicles from breaking through.

· Use a gentle cleanser on your face each morning as soap can irritate the skin.
· Clean your face any time it feels dirty and if you develop an itchy rash as hair grows, use a shampoo weekly to remove dandruff and ease irritation
· Exfoliation is important at least once a week to remove dead skin.
· Use a moisturizer after washing the face to keep the skin hydrated.

Massage is a terrific way of promoting facial hair growth as increases blood flow which provides nutrients and hormones necessary for rapid results.

· Apply gentle pressure on the areas you would like to see more facial hair.
· Rub in a circular motion and repeat for 15 minutes for longer, thicker beard.

The nutrients you ingest either encourage or inhibit growth of facial hair. A balanced diet is recommended to provide necessary ingredients. Vitamins play the biggest role in hair growth.

· Vitamin A in carrots and green leafy vegetables contributes to healthy sebum production and strong hair follicles.
· Vitamin C boosts immunity which in turn provides the change for growth of healthy hair.
· Eat lots of Vitamin E which promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow.

You should also sleep well as studies shows that hair grows as we sleep. If you sleep for the recommended six hours each day, the body will be able to grow hair much faster.